John Hynes reveals his passionate debut album: ‘A Man In Love’

"I always wanted the album to have 9 songs. Constraints are an important part of art. Even my favorite albums have one or two ‘skippers’ on them"
20 February 2024

Situated in the picturesque town of Leixlip, Co. Kildare, Irish singer-songwriter John Hynes presents his rather stunning debut album, A Man In Love. With the lush singles Caroline, I’m Yours and I’m Gonna Try already capturing the public’s imagination, Hynes is ready to enchant a global audience with an album that explores love, life, and the complexities of contemporary masculinity in depth.

The album’s standout From The First, is inspired by the detailed compositions of baroque pop and the sincere expressiveness of folk rock. The single explores the profound aspects of parenting and contemporary masculinity, wrapped in the authenticity of Hynes’s songwriting. Designed by the renowned producer Gavin Glass and showcasing an impressive ensemble of musicians such as Cormac Curran and Ken Mooney.

Drawing inspiration from Karl Ove Knausgaard’s literary musings on life and love, Hynes guides us into an album that’s both intimate and universal. The decision to focus the album around love, a theme he once avoided, now stands as a testament to his evolution as a songwriter.

Containing nine thoughtfully selected tracks, the album is an intentional nod to the iconic What’s Going On by Marvin Gaye, mirroring its concise structure and emotional resonance. The album cover, inspired by Gaye’s legacy, portrays Hynes in a reflective stance, further tying his work to a lineage of musical introspection and timeless appeal.

 Hynes says: “I always wanted the album to have 9 songs. Constraints are an important part of art. Even my favorite albums have one or two ‘skippers’ on them. One of my favorite albums is ‘What’s Going On’ by Marvin Gaye, which is 9 songs and 35 mins long, just like ‘A Man In Love.'”

As John Hynes steps into the limelight with A Man In Love, he not only introduces his listeners to a new realm of musical storytelling but also cements his place as a distinguished voice in contemporary music. Through his debut, Hynes weaves a tapestry of stories about love, life, and the complexity of human feelings, offering an album that is sure to resonate with many.

Influenced by the complex melodies of baroque pop and the heartfelt depth of folk rock, Hynes’ music vibrates with a timeless charm reminiscent of music legends Roy Orbison and Glen Campbell. Join John Hynes on this heartfelt journey, and experience the power of love and storytelling through the lens of one of Ireland’s most promising musical talents.