JOHN DHALI’s Poignant Charity Offering THOUGHT TRAIN

Written and released in support of Lancashire charity ‘The Shiva Trust’, Thought Train is John Dhali’s new indie-folk offering that reinforces an important narrative around mental health. With the help of Tori Sheard and Danny Addison, the release seems effortless in its writing and performance, perfectly flying a flag of hope in these darkened times.

Catching up with John about the release, he explains: “There’s been a bit of magic in this project. Everyone involved from recording to producing to artwork and even PR have just done it for the love. It’s a song with a pretty straightforward message for lockdown – just about staying connected and being there for each other. I hope it puts out some good feelings and more so I hope it raises awareness and support for the Shiva Trust Charity who are some of the many heroes that need help to keep helping.”

‘The Shiva Trust’ supports those struggling with their mental health as well as delivering food parcels and making PPE for care homes in the area. With the post-Covid landscape still unknown, it seems clear that difficulties around mental health will only grow given the volume of people who have been inadvertently cut off from their community – despite everybodies best efforts. It’s why smaller grassroots charities like ‘The Shiva Trust’ need our support more than ever.

You can donate to the Shiva Trust via the go fund me link below: