JOHN DHALI Shares Folk-Tinged Indie Anthem IN TIME

By Frank Bell

Indie songwriter John Dhali is perfectly poised to be the next big name in the crossover Indie space, after dropping his raucous new single In Time. A joyful mix of folk twang and upbeat indie, it’s a unique sound that’s found him fans worldwide, notably including the legendary Frank Turner. 

Dhali’s music has already earned him national airplay on radio stations including BBC Radio 1 and 2 as well as 2 regional awards for ‘Best Solo Artist’ and support shows alongside Frank Turner, Scott Matthews and Lucy Spraggan. Working from his narrowboat, now docked in London after travelling the country – He’s produced a potent, indie anthem with limitless potential.

Speaking on the new single he states: In Time glows with an optimism typical of his music whilst drawing on wider themes of self-exploration and spirituality. – As he explains – “The song is really about not waiting around, which is funny cos I wrote it four years ago in India. I guess it was like a prophecy. It’s taken me this long to work out how to be me. It’s kinda like a declaration to myself that I’m not gonna dress up in any bullshit. We’re all here in time, and we don’t have long so I can’t waste mine being buried under some crumbling facade when what’s underneath is beautiful. I genuinely believe that the Self in everyone is divine, so I refuse to disguise or crush mine like I have in the past. Take it or leave it, here’s mine now show me yours kinda thing”