John Beckmann unveils Mortal Prophets’ ‘Meine Liebe’: Resurrecting a musical gem from the Weimar era

“What is real is what can be imagined, this collection of songs captures the glitter and doom of what was the Weimar Period in Germany”
6 July 2024
John Beckmann​
Photo by Cat Chow

In the heart of Munich’s vibrant music scene in 2018, John Beckmann, the visionary frontman of Mortal Prophets, stumbled upon a relic of the past—a mysterious acetate record labeled Meine Liebe. This obscure find, with no artist or musician’s name, but filled with the haunting sounds of German opera blended with European electronica and new-wave elements, became the catalyst for an extraordinary musical journey.

Fast forward to today, Beckmann, in collaboration with New York City producer David Sisko, has reimagined this forgotten piece of musical history into a bold new EP. Meine Liebe not only resurrects the original track but expands upon it, offering six distinct versions that bridge the gap between historical reverence and contemporary innovation.

John Beckmann​ explains: “What is real is what can be imagined, this collection of songs captures the glitter and doom of what was the Weimar Period in Germany”

John Beckmann
Photo by Cat Chow

Think of this EP as a sonic time capsule from the Weimar Period, an era when artists threw caution to the wind and politics were always on the brink of collapse – and you’ll get why Beckmann is so taken with its dazzling, high-wire balancing act. From soup to nuts, this ambitious project has it all: a meticulous re-creation of the mono original, a sleek modern stereo mix, and four genre-bending versions that explode onto the scene with their cutting-edge electronica and trip-hop flair. With every note, a time capsule opens, shedding light on the harmony of yesterday, amplified by the style of today.

By reviving Meine Liebe, Beckmann shows us that the art of music preservation can be a powerful force. In MinMax studio, a converted warehouse in New York’s trendy lower east side, Beckmann and Sisko meticulously assembled their music, weaving together vintage and modern sounds to pay homage to the original while giving it a refreshing spin. In Los Angeles, Tom Rogers’ masterful touch elevated each song on the EP to rich, sonic heights. Meine Liebe captivates slisteners with its intriguing blend of historical mystery and cutting-edge sound design.

John Beckmann Meine_Lieb

By homing in on a hidden corner of music history, Beckmann and Sisko summon the primal energy of creative expression. In their crossover of eras, the walls separating past and present crumble, ushering in an infinity of bold, new trajectories. Meine Liebe.

With an injection of modern vitality, the treasures of the past roar back to life, beckoning listeners on a sonic expedition through time. With Meine Liebe, the veil is lifted on a listening experience that’s both perplexing and captivating, teetering on the edge of sonic innovation.