John Alcabean 2Danish trio John Alcabean – Victor Schack (guitar/vocals), Julius Schack (bass/vocals), Daniel Winther (drums) – pride themselves on the raw, explosive creations. Reminiscent of the likes of Drenge or Royal Blood, they have just released a brand new EP.

Real Time Fiction is a collection of six tracks, each unique in its subtle emotion and haunting power. EP opener ‘Need Comfort’ flows with pounding beats and sweeping hooks; its faint shoegazey haze reminiscent of the likes of My Vitriol.

Unusually, the next track is called ‘Slow (Intro)’ – this contradiction of having the second track labelled as an intro perhaps a deliberate move on the part of the band to express their against-the-grain-, kooky ethos. Or perhaps John Alcabean simply wanted to highlight the fact that the track serves as a soaring, instrumental interlude between the other more catchy offerings.

‘Fire’ floats in a dreamy, psychedelic haze with catchy melodies and fuzzy vocals before the EP’s namesake, ‘Real Time Fiction’ kicks in. Racing with thrashing riffs and emotion-strewn vocals, the title track is a truly infectious offering that’ll leave you hungry for more.John Alcabean 3And your appetite is certainly filled with the remainder of the EP. Although a slight change in tone, from scuzzy shoegaze to a rather more uptempo early noughties punk-rock sound, ‘Domino Heart’ conjures images of baggy-trousered young fans moshing along to its riotous energy.

Returning to the psychedelic, effervescent fuzz of earlier tracks, EP closer ‘You Only’ exudes a subtle power; with intricate riffs and the soaring melancholy of Victor Ryle Shack’s vocals, it’s an impassioned end to an EP that’s full of potential.

Real Time Fiction, the new EP from John Alcabean, is out now via Tapetown Records.