Joey Collins shines in his debut album ‘Yin-Yang’ and single ‘Time Becomes Our Only Saviour’

“Leaving the most heartache I've ever experienced…"
24 March 2023

East-Midlands based alt-rock singer-songwriter Joey Collins has just realised a swanky emotive debut album called Yin-Yang.

The jewel of the album Time Becomes Our Only Saviour takes us on a musical journey through Collins’ soundscape, with its moving and engaging melodies and provocative lyrics.

Playing around with elements typically found in emo genres to create a thoughtful and reflective tune, Time Becomes Our Only Saviour starts out slow but builds up in speed and strength. Even though it’s a bit somber, this song is still hopeful and realizes that with time, all your pain and hurt will eventually go away.

The musician-turned-producer got creative and recorded reverse guitar sounds in the beginning of the song to represent memories that are difficult to forget.

Collin poured out his emotions into this song, after going through the heartache of a recently-ended relationship. His own life events were used as the inspiration for it. He reveals: “leaving the most heartache I’ve ever experienced…The song is written on the premise that ‘time heals wounds’ and it’s some last words to the person the song is about.”

He has made a name for himself with his performance skills and lyricism and has got recognition from the BBC Introducing with ‘[Dean Jackson’s] Track of the Week’ and ‘Looked Upon A Shore’ on Tom Robinson’s ‘BBC Radio 6 Music’s Introducing Mixtape’.

Joey Collins is a great example of modern rock, inspired by independent music and grassroots sounds. His captivating live sets are filled with so much energy and excitement. He’s been influenced by loads of different bands, like Placebo, Smashing Pumpkins and Wolf Alice. To get his ideas going he has a home studio set up in Nottingham which is where he’s from.

His dedication has taken him across the world, playing with artists like James Walsh of Starsailor, Joe Keogh of Amber Run and Stuart Braithwaite of Mogwai.

Joey Collins is one of the hottest artists on the scene right now and definitely someone to keep an eye on.