JOELL JORDI QuickFire Questions

Manchester’s 26 year old singer-songwriter / musician, Joell Jordi presents Living For Tonight, the ideal introduction to his lush 90’s infused indie-bop jam…

What was the first album you bought?

I remember I was 14 and I had been waiting for this album to come out for what felt like ages, it was Arctic Monkeys – Favourite worst nightmare. I fell in love with it straight away it had a real Indie Sound and heavier than there first album which I loved, when I listen to the album now it just gives me a piece of my child hood back and makes me smile. 

Who are some of your biggest musical inspirations and why?

I have so many inspirations from so many different genres but my biggest have got to be Oasis, just because of the fact of how influential they have been on my music and how they have driven me to write and create my own music. Arctic Monkeys are also a big inspiration of mine with exquisite song-writing and raw music it just gave me a drive to also think I can do this and I will. I have so many I could mention and for personal reasons like The Beatles is a must just a fantastic band the biggest there was and will ever be. The stone roses with there instantly recognisable licks and guitar riffs. I have to many to mention.  

What are some non-musical inspirations that motivate your music?.

As soon as I was asked this question I knew straight away and that is Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee is a major influence on my childhood I kind of looked up to him and just wanted to be him and put his discipline and Mind into my music. I fell in lobe with Bruce from a young age and I am still in love with him now, what he has taught me personally through his short lived life is just priceless, so yeah I have got to give some credit. 

Tell us about your new single Living For Tonight?

Living for tonight was literally wrote and music put to it within a day, I thought I want to write a feel good track where it can bring the crowd up at a gig and get everyone moving. The Thought behind the lyrics was basically verses explain one side of thinking right I have got to be good don’t get to drunk and mess everything up, to the chorus  where you have had to many and your are like Fuck it “we are living for tonight” so to speak. I wanted to write a little pocket rocket and I believe I have achieved this with this track. 

What can we expect from you in 2020?

Well you can expect more music more gigs more festivals and anything that anyone wants to throw my way. I will take anything I can get. I hope everyone keeps an eye on my social media for updates of where you can find me and yeah come along to my gigs and we will have a mega time.