Joe Hertz shares his top 5 influences playlist

"Bobby Caldwell - What You Won't Do For Love (DZ Rremix): For me, there’s magic in this remix that I can’t put my finger on."
30 May 2022

By Vee D

London musician/producer Joe Hertz reveals his Top 5 Influences playlist and a lush new track
called ‘Black Oak’ featuring South Korean singer-songwriter Livigesh (리비게쉬), which is out now via Juicebox Recordings

Joe explains: “I had made this demo while I was away in Ibiza during the summer of 2020, this was a time when all the clubs were shut and there was strictly no dancing on the island. I felt inspired to write a lot during that time. Being so remote with a limited set-up, I had no way of working with anyone else in person, which, in some ways, immediately normalized the idea of collaborating with someone online. Junmin (Livigesh) and I started chatting on zoom about music and life in general, how we both love to travel, and missed those experiences. It inspired this spacey journey in which we both were excitedly sending each other versions back and forth. And one day we had this finished song, Black Oak.”

Top 5 Influences playlist below by London Joe Hertz

Bobby Caldwell – What You Won’t Do For Love (DZ Rremix)

This was on repeat for me around 2006-2008. At the time I had never heard the original. Even then after falling in love with the original version, I still came back to this. For me, there’s magic in this remix that I can’t put my finger on. It was inspiring to me in terms of bringing nostalgic love song feels in amongst all the dubstep ‘wubs’ that we’re being released.

The Streets – Turn The Page

This album seemed to be digested like marmite when it was released. For me this album makes my hairs stand up. It was such an exciting change from what I had been hearing. The rule book felt like it had been turned upside down. anything is possible when you build around a concept. life in London, Raves, pirate radio, etc. music is for everyone. It’s the London sound, it makes me proud to have grown up in this city.

NUJABES – Arurian Dance

Whatever mood I’m in this song immediately transports me to a good place. The original sample is from Laurindo Almeida – The Lamp Is Low. The sample is compressed so beautifully, it gives this hot feel to the guitar. Paired with beats and arrangement from Seba Jun this is one of my all-time favorites. The Godfather of what’s become lo-fi hip-hop.

Sepalcure – No Think

This song came out when I was just starting to produce my own tracks. I heard it on Mary Anne Hobbs late-night show on Radio 1(what an amazing show that was) she was premiering the likes of James Blake Burial, I used to stay up till crazy hours to listen to her show, I was excited trying to channel this what  I was hearing into my own sound.

Noisia – Facade (VIP Mix)

There was a time during my Teens that I was really into dark drum and bass. Noisia are the ultimate purveyors of disgusting bass lines and intricate production. The mixes are great reference tracks if I am listening to music on a new sound system. Their songs feel like they make full use of the entire frequency spectrum and the energy is on point.