Joe Bland unveils his first compelling track ‘Jaguar’

It's is an absolute banger – loud and intense, you can feel the energy shining.
22nd May 2023

Joe Bland is a singer/songwriter from the iconic UK city, Leeds. He’s had a fascination with music since he was young, mostly leaning towards Nu Metal.

Bland came out with his first song Jaguar and it’s clear that he has been inspired by bands like System of a Down, Metallica and Frank Turner. Jaguar is an absolute banger – loud and intense, you can feel the energy shining.

This song is the first one he’s ever written, so it’s really special to him. When he was fourteen, Joe got banned from technology for 3 months and turned to the guitar. He quickly learned a few chords and just 10 minutes later had written Jaguar.

Although being in heavier rock music when he was a teenager (like Bullet For My Valentine and Slipknot), the lyrics of Jaguar are still pretty dark. The melodies of the song are really catchy, in particular its refrain that is really memorable.

Even though this track may not have been Bland’s favorite, it was meant to demonstrate how much he has improved and how he has carefully crafted his music abilities over the years.

Bland recorded Jaguar in the renowned Glide Studio in Leeds, which is the first of 18 songs he released as part of his 2-year plan.

Bland really stands out as a multi-instrumentalist – he played all the instruments except for drums on ‘Irk’ and did it in an awesome way. Matt Deamer was the drummer.

Joe Bland has an awesome, modern spin on classic rock sound with Jaguar.