Jody Brock3South London 22-year-old singer/songwriter, Jody Brock, releases his highly promising debut 4-track EP ‘Phoenix’ on March 23rd. To get a taste of his irresistibly solid & refreshing modern soul rock offering, check out the title track ‘Phoenix’ and ‘User’.

The EP was written and recorded in LA, produced by Grammy award winner, mixer, engineer and producer Igloo (Ludacris), and co-written with ‘Jar of Hearts’ writer Drew Lawrence.

How old were you when you realised you wanted to pursue music?

I’ve always had my own unique relationship with music and unique voices, when I was little I’ve been told that one of the only things that would stop me crying was Whitney Houston singing ‘I Will Always Love you’ so I guess it went from there. But I suppose it was my time at the BRIT school that really made me realise I wanted to take it seriously and pursue it as a career.

What was your inspiration to get into music? Does it run in the family?

My Dad is a musician too, when I was a kid I would get taken to see his band play and I found it really exciting. I’ve always been exposed to great music from different genres from David Bowie and Eric Clapton to Etta James and Al Green which was where my love for soul music came from, so it was really my dads love for music and my parents support in general that really helped plant the seed.

Was there any other job or path you thought you might take or has music always been the dream?

When I was younger I was the creative child were as my brother was the insanely intelligent one so If I was to do anything else it would definitely still be creative based. I had quite a tough time in my younger years of school were I was bullied quite heavily, but it’s only now when I reflect that I realise how much I relied on music and singing during that time and I feel lucky to have had that so I’ve always loved the idea of getting into schools to work with kids and talk to them about the importance of creative outlets, so hopefully one day I will get to do that in one way or another. That and a fireman.Jody-Brock1How would you sum up your signature sound?

Like I said I have a love for anything soul infused, which is why I was so drawn to the Black Keys element on this EP because even though they are typically known as a rock band they embody so much soul and blues. So if I was to sum up my sound really briefly I would say it’s soulful, sincere and out of the box.

If you could work with any other artist out there right now who would it be? And why?

I’d love to write and record a stripped back EP with Sia or do something really cool and totally throwback with Mark Ronson, they are the first two that come straight to mind right now. I just love to experiment so I’m open to trying anything once and seeing what sticks.

What was the inspiration behind the Phoenix EP?

The Phoenix EP is inspired by a string of previous relationship that began very quickly and also ended prematurely. I wasn’t too good with relationships a couple years ago, although I really wanted to be good at them and my heart was always in the right place but I would just freak out and jump ship. I use the phoenix to represent that behaviour, likening myself to the phoenix bursting into flames in those situations.

How does a song writing process work for you?

Typically there will be myself, another co writer and a producer to build the track as we write the song. First of all I will sit down with the cowriter and just talk about life, get inside each others heads and then it will naturally go from there. Finally at the end of the session I will lay down a rough vocal just to make note of the song have just written

What is your favourite song of all time? And Who is the best artist you have ever seen live?

My all time favourite song would have to be ‘For All We Know’ by Donny Hathaway or ‘Giving up’ by Donny Hathaway because they both embody an emotion that I hope I get to feel for someone one day. My friend won tickets to see a private show by Beyonce a few years back at the Shepherds Bush Empire, it was the day after her Glastonbury performance and I just remembering being in absolute awe, so I would have to say Beyonce.

How would you handle fame?

I couldn’t say, I’d like to say I’d handle it well but who knows. I love my privacy so that would be something I’d try hard to maintain. And I’d definitely use that opportunity to give back where possible and lend my voice to bigger causes.

What’s next for Jody Brock?

I don’t have a clue what is around the corner but that excites me. I don’t like to have too many set expectations, I definitely aim high but stay open minded and enjoy the ride.

Jody Brock’s debut EP ‘Phoenix’ is out March 23.

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