JLS’s Marvin Humes Shows His Real Feelings

jls1Marvin Humes, from popband JLS, is helping to launch the ‘How u feelin?’ campaign that raises awareness of ChildLine’s new online service.

Marvin Humes says: “I’m really proud to support ChildLine and to help launch its great new website that lets children express their feelings and get help for their problems.“Everyone has bad days, even popstars. When I’m touring with JLS it can get stressful and I miss my family, but talking to my bandmates about it makes me feel better.

“When children find it difficult to talk about their feelings and problems to their friends and family, ChildLine is there for them. Whatever it is, if it matters to children, it matters to ChildLine.”
jls childlineChildLine has counselled more than 2.3 million children and young people and its telephone counsellors continue to be available on 0800 1111. The addition of the new online service at www.childline.org.uk means more children can be helped and they can choose for themselves how they contact ChildLine.

The new website provides information and advice on issues that affect children and young people. It has fun things like games, videos and tools so children can get creative. It also has a ‘daily moodtracker’ to help children express how they are feeling. If they feel worried or upset, they can email or post a message on the site or request one to one support with a counsellor online.