JJ Sterry shares reflective folk single ‘Another Man’ via Bath House Records

"It's about your dad being a kind of god when you’re younger"
31 March 2024
Photo by George Ackerley

Singer-songwriter JJ Sterry presents his latest single, Another Man, via Bath House Records, delving into themes of hero-worship and the father-son relationship. Backed by intricate acoustic guitar lines and layered vocal harmonies, the song offers a reflective exploration of transitioning from idolizing a father figure to recognizing their humanity and insecurities.

Reflecting on the song’s theme, Sterry shares, “It’s about your dad being a kind of god when you’re younger. Than as you grow, they seem to weaken physically, the power transfers and the door’s left open to see them as human- with all the flaws and insecurities that brings. It’s cyclical too; just as you start think you’ve become the person you idolised, you’re reminded that the same will happen to you too…

Photo by George Ackerley

Sterry’s musical journey began in the London band circuit before a transformative tour of Albania with the British Council. His role as lead singer of post-punk icons Gang Of Four, coupled with his solo work influenced by artists like Townes Van Zandt, showcases his evolution as a musician.

With an eagerly anticipated debut EP release and a busy live schedule ahead, including a slot at Glastonbury festival in June, JJ Sterry invites listeners on an authentic and emotive journey through his music.