Jim Bell reveals thoughtful tune ’22 Years Old’

"It's a collage of different emotions, thoughts, people, and places from my life"
17th November 2023

The vibrant pulse of London’s music scene amplifies as singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jim Bell introduces his newest single, 22 Years Old. Having previously garnered attention through national press and radio exposure with other musical endeavors, Bell is now forging his solo success story, and 22 Years Old stands as a vivid testament to his artistic evolution.

Mixed by the talented Tommy Deedigan and mastered by the renowned Pete Maher, 22 Years Old is a unique fusion of folk and indie elements, creating a captivating guitar-led soundscape. Bell’s ability to craft honest, heartfelt songwriting and warm sonic backdrops takes center stage in this latest release.

The track opens with intricately woven fingerpicked guitar lines, gradually building energy with a shuffling drum beat, bouncing bass, and tastefully placed guitar riffs. The infusion of country undertones adds depth and complexity to the composition, creating a truly immersive experience for listeners. Bell’s uplifting vocal delivery acts as the perfect complement to the reflective and melancholic lyricism, offering a naturally infectious topline to the track.

In a conversation about 22 Years Old, Bell shares the inspiration behind the song: “It’s about looking back and realizing that there were signs that you missed. It reflects on relationships ending and that feeling of going from bad to surprisingly okay. It’s a collage of different emotions, thoughts, people, and places from my life.”

The lyrics, highlighted by lines such as “It was a cold and dark December, I couldn’t read our future in the weather,” capture the essence of the song’s introspective theme. Bell playfully acknowledges the influence of Simon and Garfunkel, leaving fans to decipher the borrowed imagery in the chorus.

Detailing the recording process, Bell reveals that the track was a solo endeavor, written, recorded, and produced by himself. He expresses gratitude to Ahmad Dayes at Midi Music for lending the necessary equipment for tracking drums. While Bell played all instruments, the exceptional Gabri Zatterin took charge of the drums, and backing vocals were expertly recorded by his sister Caitlin.

Jim Bell is no stranger to the diverse musical landscape, with roles as lead guitarist for dream-pop band Kombu Nori and guitarist for alternative-jazz and soul artist Evie Asio. Additionally, he is co-writing and co-producing an EP with U|NXT (Universal Music) signed artist, James Beau Barclay. As a CICAS artist at the award-winning talent development organization Midi Music Company, and an advisory committee member for the acclaimed Sister Midnight music venue, Bell has firmly established himself as a multifaceted talent.

With more solo releases on the horizon and a promise of new material throughout 2024, Jim Bell continues to captivate audiences with his musical prowess, solidifying his place as a standout artist in London’s dynamic music scene.


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