Jillian Lee Antinora will charm you with ‘Laid Down Your Love’

"It's about getting through because there's no other option.”
29 March 2023

Jillian Lee Antinora is a Colorado-born folk singer and composer with a fascinating musical past. She learned the ropes at AMDA in NYC, and is also a member of Actor’s Equity Association. She has also worked professionally in music theatre and on cruise ships.

Jillian Lee’s a multi-talented individual who loves music – but also runs her own real estate biz, has six kids and still finds the time to pursue her musical passions.

Jillian Lee Antinora is back with a fresh, new folk song called Laid Down Your Love. She blends smooth country, blues and folk sounds. Her songwriting, storytelling and captivating voice will catch you on the first note.

Jillian Lee Antinora talks about what motivates her: “‘Laid Down Your Love’ is about trying to hang on during that time in life when pressures are high and support and love are hard to find. It’s about getting through because there’s no other option.”

She initially wrote this song with the lyrics “you laid down your law today.”, on feeling overwhelmed by the pressure of making the right choices and feeling so alone when looking ahead to what’s to come. It then dawned on her that ‘love’ sounded better than ‘law’, so she switched it up.

Jillian Lee was experimenting with new riffs and melodies when it came to music. She was having fun playing with the chords and was really impressed by the music she made. Once she made it to the studio, she adjusted the track to ensure it was perfectly timed and added some more instruments.

After giving birth to her sixth child, Jillian Lee decided to follow her passion for music and started learning how to play the guitar. Ever since, she’s been writing and performing her own stuff. Her songs are all about her life – the ups and downs, the good and bad.

She’s got two full-length albums, Make My Day (2021) and Wash Over Me (2022), plus a Christmas EP named Joys of Christmas (2021).