Jessie J has been writing new songs for her second album but insists she isn’t going to rush the release.
She told The Daily Star: “For the next album, I’ve got three or four songs already written. People say albums should be slices of your life, but to me it should be the whole time. I’ve had all my life to write this first album, and I don’t want to end up having six weeks to write the second.

“It would only be what I’ve gone through in those six weeks, which could end up being promo, press, fans and paps – that’s not what I want to write about. Until recently, I was a stranger walking around. I could cry on a bridge in the rain and nobody would bat an eyelid.”

She added: “Now if I did it’d be, ‘Jessie J breaks down. Why can’t she cope?’ Song-writing is a weird balance to get right, but I think if you do it continuously, there’ll be a thread. On the next album I want to take how good I am in concert on to the record.”