JESSICA WILDE Talks About Getting Sober On New Double-A Side

By Vee D

With it being a particularly wild 2020 in more ways than one, singer Jessica Wilde slides into 2021 in spectacular fashion with Double A side  Wasted / F*ck U I’m Sober Now. The two tracks melded together with contrasting visuals tell Wilde’s story of addiction and recovery from Wasted to Sober.

Wilde’s raw, honest lyrics take you on a ride through her personal journey of mad parties, hazy drunken nights, regret, love, heartbreak, self-loathing, self-empowerment and going sober. It’s a brave and revealing thing to do and Wilde excels at gripping the listening from the outset as the Streets-esque Wasted turns into the grimey bouncey  F*ck U I’m Sober Now.


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