Cruel signals Wilde delving back into her first love, a toxic relationship that inspired a harnessing of her bisexual identity but also led her to addiction - a subject she’s tackling on her debut album.
17 May 2021

Soul-filled, Raw, Vibeyyy, Honest, RnB

By Vee D

Acclaimed Sony / ATV published artist Jessica Wilde has released the 3rd single from her forthcoming debut album. Cruel, produced by Jay Nebular and Grammy award winning producer Kiris Houston (The Disciples, Little Mix), has a nice lazy summer haze 90’s classic hip hop beat and R’n’B vibe where Jessica is at her most cutesy, sultry but equally dangerous as her lyrics offer a little sting in the tail.

Cruel signals Wilde delving back into her first love, a toxic relationship that inspired a harnessing of her bisexual identity but also led her to addiction – a subject she’s tackling on her debut album.

What’s in your mind right now? 

Food! Lol

Tell us everything we should know about your new single CRUEL? 

Cruel is the third single from a concept album I have coming at the end of the year following my journey to going sober. Cruel is about my first love which was a maaddd relationship, involved lotta drugs and alcohol and took me to some dark places. It’s really where the story begins of the album. I see each song like a diary entry, following me through relationships, wild nights, addiction, self-sabotage to going sober and finding a new love for myself and life. I wrote Cruel with two producers called Jay Nebula and Kiris Houston, who I met at a Sony ATV writing camp in Amsterdam, we instantly hit it off and found out we all share the same star sign, Aquarius, and from there became the Aquarius crew lol. Both Jay and Kiris are doing some amazing work with artists like Disciples and Little Mix, so I’ve been really grateful to get to work with them on this project as I love their vibe. I grew up listening to RnB artists like Teedra Moses, TLC, En Vogue and I really love that essence of that sound came through in this track along with my UK spoken word vibes, which I literally wrote word for word about a night I remember so clearly with my EX, when I knew they were cheating on me. As ‘Cruel’ has a nostalgic vibe, I wanted to capture that in the visuals. I worked with Toby Corton on this, he’s an amazing art director, stylist and photographer and he helped me bring my vision to life, capturing an authentic 90’s feel, shooting on VHS and disposable cameras. The whole project has this aesthetic theme. 

Describe your sound in 5 words 

Soul-filled, Raw, Vibeyyy, Honest, RnB

What is the role of self-empowerment and self-love in your music? 

The role is my journey, from being in a very dark place, doing a lot of drugs and getting myself into undesirable situations and relationships to turning everything around, getting sober, feeling connected spiritually and putting my health first, mind, body, and soul. Don’t get me wrong I’m still working on the art of self-love but I’m definitely in a whole new space than I was a few years ago and that feels really good! 

What was the last gig you played and what did you think of it? 

The last gig I played was in Mexico for Riviera Maya Jazz Festival with PBug, opening the stage for UB40 and it was incredibleeee!

Who or what has helped you the most in your career so far? 

My amazing team around me now, choosing to be true and authentic to myself, putting my health first, working on positivity and a strong mindset and creating a fulfilling career that I love and is on my terms. Feeling creatively free. Collaboration.. 

Where do you like to listen to your music?

Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music 

What’s coming next for you?

The rest of the album… There will be more singles dropping roughly every 6 weeks with the final project landing at the end of the year 


Photo by Toby Corton