Jessica Simpson has reportedly lost 3.5 stones since giving birth to daughter Maxwell, but there’s no “target weight” other than Jessica just wants to look like a “sexy mommy” year round.

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Jessica’s trainer Harley Pasternak told Hollyscoop exclusively, “You know what she looked like when she gave birth. She lost weight every single week in a really, healthy and sustainable way. This is part of her lifestyle now. This is going to be Jessica forever.

Being balanced and eating well and exercising in a realistic amount. It is not tied to a specific project coming up or a movie or a music video. This is just Jessica wanting to be a sexy mommy.”Harley is responsible for the exercise portion of Jessica’s weight loss plan, she’s not relying ONLY on weight watchers for her drastic weight loss.

“Weight Watchers does a great job with her diet and she comes here to get her butt kicked 4 days a week,” Harley tells us, “[She’s] sculpted and toned and tightened.”

Jess’s workout plan is pretty cut and dry, according to Harley, she works out for 45 minutes each session, maximum 3-4 hours a week.

Also, Jess’s trusty pedometer is a MUST for getting into shape, according to Harley.

“At the end of the day she tells me how many steps she has taken and we go from there. Everyone needs a Pedometer. It makes you aware of how active or inactive you are being.”

Jessica just posted a photo on her blog from the set of her second Weight Watchers commercial, which will showcase her entire body and not just her face like the last one.

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