Jessica Hunter releases ‘Anhedoni’

"The lyrics explore the loss of love for things once enjoyed, and for me, the track takes me back to a time when I was stuck in a depressive cycle"
27 February 2024
Photo by Adrianne Lenker

Echoes of emotion in indie-pop soundscapes

In East London’s lively music scene, 20-year-old Jessica Hunter offers deeply personal indie-pop songs. Inspired by Phoebe Bridgers and Adrianne Lenker, her music addresses life’s challenges, providing solace and understanding to listeners.

Hunter’s songs are a candid reflection of her struggles with creative blockages, eating disorders, and the maze of mourning. It’s her candid approach and healing melodies that draw listeners closer, finding solace and understanding in her voice. With her harmonic and comforting sounds, she opens a gateway for mutual healing and connection.

Jessica Hunter presents Anhedonia, a joint effort with gifted musician Ethan Butler, exploring the desolate landscape of depression, characterized by a profound loss of joy. The song, named after the psychological condition ‘anhedonia,’ delves into the quiet despair of being unable to feel pleasure, spotlighting this aspect of mental health challenges.

Hunter explains: “’Anhedonia’ is a song that delves into the feeling of being unable to experience joy or pleasure. The lyrics explore the loss of love for things once enjoyed, and for me, the track takes me back to a time when I was stuck in a depressive cycle. At that time, I lost all joy in creating music. I struggled with severe writer’s block and had doubts about what I wanted to do with my life and career goals. Listening to the song now, I feel proud to be able to speak about those emotions and reflect on my personal growth.”

The genesis of Anhedonia is as serendipitous as it is symbolic, born from a post-Christmas studio session between Hunter and Butler. The collaboration has yielded a song that balances simplicity and depth, with a gentle guitar melody laying the groundwork for an immersive electric guitar ambiance, courtesy of Butler. This musical synergy not only amplifies the song’s emotional resonance but also highlights the duo’s creative synchrony.

Photo by Adrianne Lenker

What stands out in Anhedonia is not just its lyrical depth but the speed of its creation. Crafted in a mere twenty minutes, the track is a testament to the raw, unfiltered connection between its creators and the emotions they channel. Hunter’s songwriting transcends mere notes and lyrics; it’s a heartfelt exploration of human frailty and the quest for light in the darkest of tunnels.

Jessica Hunter’s music resonates as a comforting hymn for the weary soul, a tune that reawakens the silent pleasures once lost. Within the vibrant landscape of today’s indie-pop scene, Hunter stands out not merely as a singer-songwriter, but as a beacon of hope. She intricately blends her own experiences into collective narratives of adversity, perseverance, and the relentless pursuit of comfort.