The film is based on a 1952 novel by the same name by writer Jim Thompson. The novel centers around a young deputy sheriff living in a small town in western Texas, who has always felt the presence of some sort of “dark rider,” to use the Dexter-terminology.

Lou Ford is a sadistic monster, but he generally keeps his sociopathic tendencies under wraps (except for that one time when he sexually abused a young girl as a teen).
As an adult, Ford takes up with a prostitute, in an apparently consensual sadomasochistic relationship that ends in her death. He then attempts to cover her murder by embarking on a series of killings, which ultimately ends up exposing his “sickness” to the world.

Anchored by an unsettling performance from Affleck, transitioning with unnerving ease between charismatic good ol’ boy and savage sociopath, The Killer Inside Me is a chillingly intimate portrait of moral bankruptcy and the criminal mind.

Adapting from cult pulp author Jim Thomson’s novel, BAFTA Award-winning director Michael Winterbottom crafts a classic film noir with an insidious twist.
Hudson said: ‘This is my third movie with Casey…so I immediately felt excited about having an opportunity to do that again. And it’s such a great role for Casey, and it was an interesting role for me – just really meaty scenes, you know, different and dark.’
While Alba spoke of her excitement at working with the director. She said: ‘I’ve done a lot of movies that are big and commercial and I just really wanted to work with Michael Winterbottom. This was purely a creative decision.’