Portsmouth’s pretty smartly exciting, 19 year old songstress Jerry Williams, talks about her brand new EP ‘Cold Beer’ (out now), her charming retro take on early Lilly Allen pop and also about the inspiration for her lyrics from her life growing up in Portsmouth, her relationships with people and of course boys…

How do you sell ‘Cold Beer’ and the EP…. to someone unfamiliar with your sound?

I’d say it’s a young, quirky, honest reflection of how I myself and people around me feel sometimes. I wanted the EP to sound fresh and warm, and I think I’ve achieved that.

Where do you usually draw your songwriting inspiration from?

I try to be as honest and as narrative as possible in my songwriting, so all of my songs are inspired by true events that have happened to either me or my friends and family. I tend to write about life growing up in Portsmouth where I’m from, boys, my friends, or even things people say. I could overhear a conversation and one word could spark an idea!

What is your usual songwriting process?

I tend to come up with a chord progression first, then a melody. Sometimes a song just flows, lyrics and all, and I love it when that happens! Other times though, I’ll write down the lyrics I have in my head, and reconstruct it like a poem.Jerry Williams1You have been playing with the likes of Ben Howard & Maverick Sabre…Do you prefer the smaller, intimate shows, or bigger festival stages?

Playing on a massive stage is amazing when I’m with my band, or even on my own, but nothing beats an intimate gig. I can really feel the atmosphere and I love seeing peoples faces!

If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?

I’d love to write with a band called Slow Club, who are one of my biggest inspirations. I love their style, production and lyrics. They seem so funny as well, so I can imagine they’d be great to hang out with!

What are your dreams and goals?

I’d love to be playing loads of shows and have people singing my songs back to me. That is the ultimate dream! Gigging at lots of festivals would be great fun too. I just hope to have a long, successful, enjoyable career in music.Jerry Williams2Who are your musical and non-musical influences?

I love artists like Slow Club, Coldplay, Vampire Weekend, Jamie T, David Gray and Jake Bugg. These people have really influenced and inspired me in some of my songwriting. At the moment, I’m really enjoying bands like Slaves and Dilly Dally, but I don’t think I could pull off the punk rock style!

What’s next for Jerry Williams?

The Cold Beer EP is now out, and then I’m playing at Victorious Festival in Portsmouth with my band, which I’m extremely excited about! There will be a new single towards the end of the year, then new music and touring rolling into the start of 2016. Exciting times!

EP ‘Cold Beer’ on iTunes

Live dates:
Nov 10th – London, The Courtyard (supporting Leo Kalyan)
Nov 18th – London, Old Queens Head Islington

By Fabrizio Belluschi ©FAMEMAGAZINE.co.uk