JEREMY LOOPS Accepts The Difficulties Of Relationships In POSTCARDS

By Vasco Dega

Jeremy Loops’s latest release Postcards in the energetic yet emotionally open story of the trials and tribulations in long-distance relationships. Co-written with Jonathan Quarmby and produced by George Ezra producer Cam Blackwood, Postcards see the South-African to his collection of vastly popular releases from the past year.

Jeremy explains: Postcards is a song about the ups and downs of relationships, people feel like they are alone when they suffer difficulties in relationships, it’s more common than people admit. This isn’t a sad song, it’s a song about acceptance and accepting that difficulties are often part of the journey to finding a solid connection.”

Over the past 10 years the self-taught musician has completed a series of sold out tours across the world including the iconic Brixton Academy. He has also collaborated with the likes of Ed Sheeran as well as more world renowned stars. During the peak of Coronavirus Jeremy founded The Big Food Drive, a crowd funded event to raise money for the poorest communities in South-Africa and has raised over $50,000 since last April. 


Photo by Ross Hillier