Jenson Button11Newly crowned Formula One champion Jenson Button relaxes with girlfriend Jessica Michibata during his stay in Dubai where he has been preparing for the Abu Dhabi F1 race.

Having been in the UAE for a week in order to train, Jenson has also been able to make up for not having Jessica with him when he secured the championship in Brazil.

Taking a break from the gym, Jenson and Jessica stepped on board a cruise of the marina where they could have some much valued time to themselves. Their separation in Brazil 2 weeks ago was due to work commitments on Jessica’s part but the couple met up in Dubai especially to make up for it.

Jenson Button10The stretch of water along the Dubai marina is a haven for watersports and later in the day, Jenson appeared with trainer Mike Collier who was put to work on a wakeboard as Jenson watched amused from the boat. Jenson will now travel to Abu Dhabi for the final Formula One race this weekend.
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