JENNY PLANT Returns And Stuns With Visuals For COMING HOME

Last month we had the pleasure of premiering Jenny Plant’s single Coming Home and now today, we share with you her live rendition of the track filmed at the legendary AIR Studios.

Guided round the grandeur setting, the visual brings to life Jenny’s narrative as the track builds into its finale as grand as the scene itself. Although a simple video, it is undeniably captivating, and it is hard to not feel yourself slipping into a place of introspection.

The track itself a sensational musical piece that metaphorically traces self-acceptance and the coming home, to yourself; Jenny gently clasps the hand of her listener and guides them through an introspective journey, cinematically backdropped on a bed of strings, culminating in exquisite catharsis. 

With notable contributions from Chris Maas, of Mumford and Sons on the drums, Sam Thompson on Strings and production by Ellie Golding associated producer Maxwell Cooke, the overall sound is one that not only captivates but moves you to another goosebump-inducing realm.

Coming Home is the 4th release in the lead up to Jenny’s forthcoming EP New Moon set for release this coming May 15th.

You can connect with Jenny on Spotify // Instagram // YouTube