To celebrate the great smelling scents of Daz, star of the Cleaner Close advert Jennifer Ellison hosted one of the first ever Sniff Dating events in London last week.
A twist on the conventional speed dating format, Sniff Dating encourages participants to follow their nose to find love, testing the Daz ‘Love at First Sniff’ campaign theory that smell is a crucial factor when choosing a potential suitor.

Jennifer Ellison comments: “It was so much fun hosting the Daz Sniff dating events. I loved seeing daters instantly spark up really intimate conversations based on the topic of scents; those that best represent them or scents they found most attractive on the opposite sex. It seemed the room just came alive with stories of child hood memories and couples debating their most loved and hated smell – some really surprising ones. I overheard one dater saying she loved the smell of shoe polish on a man!”
As well as scent being an important factor when it comes to physical attraction, Jennifer found that scents really helped daters open up and find a common ground – even if it was just a smell they both loved.

Jennifer continues: ‘When I first started dating my now husband, he always use to use this really gorgeous lime scented body wash, even now, whenever I smell citrus scents it gives me goose bumps and reminds me of him and our first date!”

Simone Bienne, Relationship Therapist explains why smell can be one of the important factors when deciding if we’re attracted to someone or not, she comments: “Smell is one of our most powerful senses, but we often neglect it in favour of sight and sound.”

Research shows that the power of our sense of smell is phenomenal. “It is the strongest sense in provoking memories from the past to enter into our awareness in immense detail, transporting us back to a happy family memory or being with people we love. This in turn makes us feel more relaxed and drawn to someone, so it’s not so hard to believe that scent is a crucial factor when it comes to deciding if we’re attracted to someone or not!”

Daz Mandarin & Lime Splash Liquid and Summer Flower Power Liquid can be bought at Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Asda.