Jennifer Aniston’s Long Sunny Days On The Beach

Stunning Jennifer Aniston talks about her new scent, The Debut Fragrance.
“Firstly, I knew how I didn’t want it to smell,” she said. “There are a lot of bad scents and I wanted this one to be right so I was very involved in it all.
“It is fresh, it’s sexy, it’s natural and there’s a hint of ocean which reminds me of home. I am really proud of it.”

“I wanted this fragrance to be a personal library of scent memories. For example, my love of Night Blooming Jasmine has lasted a lifetime.

Growing up in California, I distinctly remember the scent of the Jasmine on summer evenings.”
“I consider the scent of the ocean to be one of life’s most uplifting sensual experiences. No aroma is quite so purifying, humbling and exhilarating.

The combination of the salty air and tropical oils reminds me of long sunny days on the beach – pure happiness.”

“To be honest I’m not a big perfumey kind of a girl, I never really have been.”
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