Jen Lush’s ‘Icon – song 1’ shares a slice of her ‘folk pop laced with bittersweet’

"It's an essential part of this music project that interprets contemporary poetry in song, in collaboration with some of Australia’s finest poets”
2 August 2023

Adelaide’s very own singer-songwriter, Jen Lush, is all about creating music that’s exciting, personal, and full of surprises. In addition, her songs are filled with the most captivating stories.

Imagine an engaging contemporary pop and folk music that is influenced by amazing artists like Feist, Iron & Wine, and Anais Mitchell. Jen Lush expertly blends tender melodies with experimental folk/rock vibes to create a musical realm. Bewitching soundscapes to take you on a musical journey.

She is dropping a totally fresh album called Hum of the Mettle due out on August 18th. She recorded it at Wizard Tone Studios with the talented James Brown handling production, recording, and mixing duties. And to top it off, Michael Lynch over at Shoehorse Sound mastered the tracks.

The second single lifted form her new album is the stunning Icon – song 1.

Lush explains: “With music wrapped around words written by Australian poet Maria Zajkowski, this is a dreamy folk-pop song that explores the bittersweet realm of memory and loss laced with hope. Brought to life my my incredible band of musicians James Brown, Paul Angas, Mark Seddon and Sam Cagney, Icon – song 1 is an essential part of this music project that interprets contemporary poetry in song, in collaboration with some of Australia’s finest poets.”

Icon – song 1 creates a dreamy atmosphere that gradually builds up with layers of acoustic and electric guitars, percussion, drums, and celestial keyboards. And to top it all off, you’ll be captivated by the poetic and evocative lyrics from the talented Maria Zajkowski.

The lyrics are a little snippet from her newest poetry book, Icon. “My father, Eugienuisz Zajkowski, had a hard, miraculous and normal life. He never intended to be an icon. This collection preserves some of what I lost to his Alzheimer’s. And then, what I lost when he died.” 

Lush adds: “In writing the music, I wanted to capture something of the delicacy and sadness that surges with the words, but held within a lighter melodic treatment that by contrast makes the song all the more poignant. These shifts between the quiet acoustic guitar and the swelling of the surrounding instrumentation, the upward, lilting vocal melody with the darker poetry, the percussive elements against a sustained bed of keyboard sounds, this is folk pop laced with the bittersweet.”

Her album Let Loose The Beating Birds in 2021, it was all about being a mom, living in the suburbs, and tackling the crazy environmental and political stuff happening these days.

Lush has had an amazing musical journey, starting from her time with the folk band Cat Dog Bird to releasing her first solo album of poem songs called The Night’s Insomnia.

Jen Lush and her awesome band, including Sam Cagney on acoustic guitar, Mark Seddon on bass guitar, Paul Angas on drums/percussion/keys, and James Brown on electric guitar, have rocked the stage at festivals and venues all over Australia. They’ve played in SA, Victoria, NSW, WA. They even made their way to Tasmania.

Jen Lush is definitely someone you should keep an eye on!