Jeffrey Chan unveils 80s-esque bop “Vertigo”

The track and single art take inspiration from the Hitchcock film of the same name.
19 May 2022

By Vanessa B

Building on an exciting past two years, up-and-coming Sydney-based indie-pop artist Jeffrey Chan returns with his newest and first single of 2022, the suave and stylish “Vertigo”.

Inspired heavily by 80s pop and new-wave music, the track features velvety baritone vocals over snappy drum beats and a retro yet contemporary feel, resulting in an irresistibly feel-good pop song. The lyrics, meanwhile, outline a consuming, spinning sensation of becoming enamoured with a special someone. As Jeffrey shared:

“Vertigo is a song that captures the feeling of the euphoric and dizzying highs of falling in love, and how sometimes this love can be almost obsessive, and drive you to do crazy things! This track and the single art is actually inspired by the Hitchcock film of the same name.”

Vertigo sees Jeffrey collaborating with producer Dibs (Carly Rae Jepsen, Melanie Martinez) for a second time after having collaborated previously on Jeffrey’s 2021 single “Try”. His last single (“You Only Want Me When I’m Gone”) quickly racked up over 180,000 streams on Spotify in just four months; reaching new audiences and fans in new markets. We’ll be eager to see what this exciting new pop artist does next. Check out the audio as well as the fun monochrome video for “Vertigo” here:

Stream “Vertigo” here:

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