By Vee D

From a quiet corner in West London, newcomer Jean-Mikhael is making something really special. Fusing together soul, R&B, and Pop, Jean-Mikhael’s eclectic approach to music is character-defining and one that will set him apart from his peers soon enough.

Recently releasing his music video for Neighbours are Calling, the original track is brought to life through a series of scenes that see Jean-Mikhael bring to life the sultry undertones of the single as it details a tempestuous relationship he shared with another.

In more depth, Jean-Mikhael explains..“Neighbours are calling” is a true story. To be frank I did disturb my neighbours and it was quite a funny experience, so I thought why not make a song out of it. It was embarrassing at the time but looking back you just have to laugh. It is also about me meeting someone and us both being connected so deeply from the beginning. It had us at a point we could see a future together from the start, but it never went to that next step. So we were always just trying to live in the moment and relive the day we saw each other for the first time. Everything just stayed surface level in the relationship. We would have amazing sex and that’s all it stayed as. We both wanted more, but we were too scared to go too that degree of expressing ourselves so it was just a constant rollercoaster of being in each others company and then disappearing and being back for a short period again. A constant cycle of feeding into a ‘bad habit’.

Jean-Mikhael is all about boundless expression. Glossy, innovative and empowering, his music is a deliberate construction that has been built from a recipe of productions, emotions, visuals and lyrics, all seasoned with time rather than being rushed out, which is a standout difference to his music. We are exciting to hear more from this budding artist!