JDP Releases His Wonderful ‘Castaways’

Taken from his new album ‘Where Were You When,’ ‘Castaways’ is a smooth hip-hop track with chilled keys, airy brass and a laid back groove that hooks you in from the opening bar. 

JDP released his debut project ‘In Pursuit’ in 2014. Since then, the Chicago native has treated fans to some stellar tracks like ‘Dummies’ with Sureknock Jones and released a ‘Get U Some’ and latest single ‘Castaways.’ 

Each of the project’s eight tracks complement each other perfectly. JDP is confident in his sound and rightfully so, this young rising rapper strapped with verbal dexterity, wide-ranging vocal control, and multisyllabic rhyme schemes. Sonically, he can be compared to a more aggressive, quirky Chance the Rapper; lyrically, he toys with a poetic variety of subjects.

Make sure you keep an eye out for what’s next from this rising artist! 

By Holly Frith