jazzygold’s interview: From Faroese roots to her most recent single, ‘day off’

"We’re in the darker days, and it can get hard to feel inspired, especially in the Faroe Islands with its long winters"
8th February 2024

A Journey of Self-Care, Cultural Fusion, and Authentic Sound

Faroese intriguing singer jazzygold is making waves with her unique blend of introspective lyrics and captivating melodies. Riding the momentum of her debut single boring like me, jazzygold has swiftly risen as a promising artist, earning acclaim with lush tunes like dyed my hair red and lonely afterparties, complemented by a series of dynamic live shows throughout Europe. 

Her latest single, day off, marks a slight departure from her earlier work, delving into the nuances of self-care and mental health against the backdrop of life in her 20s. It’s a theme that resonates deeply with jazzygold, who candidly shares, “We’re in the darker days, and it can get hard to feel inspired, especially in the Faroe Islands with its long winters. day off is a personal reminder that it’s okay to take a break for your mental health.”

Transitioning from her band JASMIN to a solo career as jazzygold was a pivotal moment for the singer. “It was a beautiful but heartbreaking shift,” she explains. “I felt lost and stuck until a trip to Stockholm in 2021 opened up a creative floodgate. That journey marked the birth of jazzygold, affirming my belief that everything is meant to be.”

Drawing from her Kenyan and Faroese heritage, jazzygold’s music is a rich tapestry of cultural influences. “Growing up, my mom played Faroese music, my dad played Kenyan rhythms, and MTV was always on. I aim to be authentic and embrace my identity, hoping to inspire the younger generation to do the same,” she says.

Her time in Stockholm and London has been transformative, pushing her creative boundaries and influencing her sound. “The Faroe Islands, while home, can feel limiting creatively. Working in new environments like Stockholm and London has undoubtedly shaped my music,” jazzygold reflects.

When asked about her dream tour companion, jazzygold doesn’t hesitate: “Mahalia. I feel like we’d be instant besties. I’m going on a tour with her.”

Summing up her music in three words, jazzygold chooses “honest, groovy, and heartfelt.” Her aim? “To encourage open conversations about feelings and mental health. I’m still learning to be more open, and I hope my music inspires others to do the same.”

Looking ahead, jazzygold is excited about bringing her music closer to home with shows in the Faroe Islands and teasing her next project. 

I’ve always struggled a lot with my mental health but I never really opened up about it until now

After your experience with JASMIN, what drove you to pursue a solo career under the name jazzygold? Could you describe the evolution of your musical style from your time in the band to your solo endeavors?

It was a very natural process to go from my band JASMIN to my solo career jazzygold. We slowly grew apart from eachother and starting pursuing different things and it was beautiful but at the same time heartbreaking, cause that was my family for a lot of years and we did everything together so yeah it was hard.

I felt like all of the other members in the group knew what they wanted to pursue after JASMIN and I just felt stuck, clueless and had the biggest writers block and had no idea what was next and then I went on my first trip to Stockholm which was in the fall in 2021 and ended up having 4 different sessions with different producers and songwriters and it just poured out of me and that was the beginning for jazzygold. It was a very special time and I’m never gonna question the universe again cause I know it’s all meant to be.

I just didn’t know what was next until I left for Stockholm the first time in 2021, for me that was a sign, after that I knew I wanted to do something for myself.

Your latest single day off delves into themes of self-care and mental health. Could you share the personal stories or experiences that inspired this song?

I’ve always struggled a lot with my mental health but I never really opened up about it until now, I’ve always been the friend that’s giving hella good advices to my friends, but i’ve never used my good advice on myself and day off was step one for me. The day the song was made i was in Stockholm and I had the most shitty morning and day and I don’t know why I just didn’t wanna hit the studio I just wanted to cry and stay in my horrible airbnb bed, but I went to the studio cause i’m not bailer, if we have a deal or a studio session you can always count on me to show up so yeah I went and decided to open up about my day and we wrote a song about it…I love sessions bro.

Being of Kenyan and Faroese descent, how do these rich cultural backgrounds influence your music? In what ways do you aim to be a role model for the younger generation both in the Faroe Islands and globally?

As a kid I’ve been highly influenced by my mother, my father and my siblings. When I was younger my mom always played a lot of traditional faroese music and my dad played a lot of traditional kenyan music (with the best rhythms) and my siblings and i grew up with MTV on the television in the 2000’s so it’s a lot of different influences for sure.

I aim to stay true to myself, be proud of my brown skin, curly hair and curvy body cause I had no one to look up to when I was a kid, especially on the islands so that’s always been a big motivation for me and I hope the younger generation can resonate with that.

Having spent time writing music in Stockholm and London, how have these cities shaped your creative process and influenced the sound of your recent music?

I’m not really sure, I just know that the Faroe Islands is a very small place and there’s only so much you can do if you know what I mean? I feel very closed up creatively when I’m at home cause I have everything else to think about so it was very important for me to get to new surroundings as Stockholm and London and push myself and make music there and I think that instantly gave me a different sound then what you’re used to hearing on the islands, and I love that.

Your music often mirrors experiences from your 20s, such as partying, heartaches, and embracing new starts. How do you feel your music resonates with your audience, especially those experiencing similar phases in their lives?

I’m honestly just writing about what I know, my experiences and feelings and I just hopes it resonates with people in general. For me personally I loved hearing music when i was younger (and now) that I could relate to, it made me feel less alone and i hope that my music can do that as well to the ones that are listening.

If you had the opportunity to tour with any artist, past or present, who would you choose and why?

Mahalia is my girl, I feel like we would be instant besties if we met so I’m manifesting touring with her by writing it down here.

If you could sum up the essence of your music in just three words, what would they be?

Honest, groovy and heartfelt.

What message or feeling do you hope your music evokes?

I guess i wanna encourage people to be honest about their feelings and talk openly about them, cause I know the struggle of being stuck in your head and not being very good at opening up so yeah, I hope my music can inspire that in some type of way. I’m still learning daily to be better at opening up.

Following the release of day off and your recent performance at Icelandic Airwaves and ESNS, what future plans are in store? Can you give us a sneak peek into any upcoming projects, collaborations, or tours that your fans can look forward to?

My plan is to play a few shows in my home country cause I haven’t really been doing that at all so I think it’s time. I’ve also been in Stockholm working on my next project which I’m sooo excited about and I’ll start releasing songs from that project later this year and that’s all iIcan say for now.