JAZZ MINO Brushes Off Breakups On SORRY UR BORED

The Rising Alt-Pop Maverick Has a Particular Way with Sarcasm

By Laura F

Expertly chronicling the ‘No f*cks Given’ stage of a breakup, rising alt-pop songwriter Jazz Mino has just returned with her powerful new single Sorry Ur Bored. Filled with irresistible pop moments and an independent attitude towards her craft, she’s showcasing exactly who she’s one of the most exciting names in UK pop right now

The third and final single before she drops her EP Someone Else To Talk To – The new single is a track about owning your breakups and never looking back to old mistakes. The lyrics reflect an artist who knows her worth and the importance of looking forward.

Speaking on the new single she states: “SYB is my favorite song from the EP. It’s about that ex that just won’t get out of your life. You both know it’s over, but when they’re bored they slide in your dms pretending like you’re all good & you never broke up”.



Photo by David Gulliver