Taking a tour of a movie or TV set can be one of the most exciting experiences out there for a genuinely geeky fan. Visits like this provide a unique opportunity to see up close the details of the worlds we have come to know and love, and a chance to literally step inside the pictures we have spent so much time looking at.

Watching something on the big or small screen can be exciting, but nothing compares to actually being there in person.

Here are a few of the most popular, and what makes them so magical:

Warner Bros. Studio Tour
The home of the Harry Potter experience should be top of the list of must-visit locations of any serious fan of the films and books. Hogwarts ExpressTake a look around Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, enjoy a pint of Butter Beer and see the original Hogwarts Express. Harry Potter Butter Beer1CollageThis experience is about as interactive as it gets and a delight for fans all ages.

Game of Thrones
Proving that the world of TV can compete with the world of film on its own terms, Game of Thrones was shot among some of the UK’s most beautiful scenery. Game of Thrones tours1Fans can enjoy a tour of the jewels of the Antrim coast with an expert guide on hand to point out what was shot where and even share some behind-the-scenes gossip.

Doctor Who
Another TV hit and fan favourite, key locations from the last 50 years of this iconic series can be visited on a walking tour around London. An expert guide escorts you from site to site, providing unique insights and the stories behind each location. Numerous opportunities for photos plus a personalised message card means you will come away with more than just memories.

James Bond
Back to the world of movies, and few film franchises can boast the sort of longevity enjoyed by the tales of everyone’s favourite super-spy, 007. JAMES BOND SPECTREThe Bond movies are as famous for their glamorous locations as they are for fast cars, futuristic gadgets and beautiful women.

The home of Bond, and indeed MI6, is of course London, and this tour takes in several locations where 007 made an impact in Skyfall, The World is Not Enough and Tomorrow Never Dies, to name just a few.

Loved by adults and children alike, the famous little bear from Peru has won a whole new legion of fans thanks to the recent movie. On this bus tour, you get to see first-hand the charming locations that are associated with Paddington, including Portobello Market, Windsor Gardens and Mr Gruber’s antiques shop, while listening to stories about some of his best adventures.

No such tour would be complete without a visit to Paddington Station itself, where the lovable bear got his name.

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to set tours. This world has a huge amount to offer for the fan who wants to experience the thing they love the most, away from the comfort of their own armchair.