Daringly sexy and unique, British beauty Jasz Vegas is the only female magician to star in BBC3’s brand new magic show Killer Magic (10pm Tuesdays).

Her impressive set of skills, including daring magic, fire breathing and burlesque, make Jasz Vegas extremely dangerous, sexy, breathtaking…A charismatic and bewitching performer.

Why do you think there aren’t many female Magicians?

There are more male magicians than female magicians in the public eye currently but there are more and more women getting into magic! I think this is due to there not being a lead female magician in the public eye when I was growing up and because of this, young girls were not as inspired to take up magic as the boys were.

I do believe that this will change over the next few years though!Jasz Vegas1Have you ever used magic in a relationship or a date?

I haven’t in a real life date! (Not that there wasn’t any magic! *cheeky wink*.) I did however go on a dinner date with an unsuspecting victim for the pilot of my new BBC Three TV show, Killer Magic.

It was so much fun being mischievous and doing outrageous magic, such as levitating and eating the tableware – including the wine glasses! He had no idea what was going on, the poor lad! He saw the funny side once we told him that he was being secretly filmed.

Maybe in the future I should do some magic on dates and see how it goes?!?Jasz Vegas3Can you tell us 5 things we should know about Jasz Vegas?

1. My magic style has been described as “beautifully strange”. I like to mix visually pleasing magic with crazy and weird tricks! I enjoy the juxtaposition.

2. I started performing magic when I was 12. I used to perform shows for my family.

3. Not only am I a Magician, I also perform Burlesque, Fire Breathing and Sideshow Stunts!

4. I love coffee! I have a machine at home and I love getting Starbucks when I’m out and about.

5. I am a strong believer in staying true to you. I believe your personality is your strongest asset and self-belief will help you achieve your goals!

Tell us why we should watch BBC’s Killer Magic

You should watch Killer Magic on BBC Three because it’s awesome! *cheeky smile*!

If you want to see some fresh exciting magic that will keep you on the edge of your seat you’d be a fool to miss it!Jasz Vegas1aHow far would you go for a magic trick?

As far as I need to go to entertain my audience! I enjoy the thrill of danger even if it does scare me.

Magilesque…daring tricks with burlesque. Please tell us more.

As you mentioned Magilesque is a combination of visually pleasing magic with the tease of burlesque. I love to combine my passions so creating Magilesque was perfect for me.Jasz Vegas4Where can we see you live performing Magilesque?

I perform for mainly private parties all over the world but for updates on my public shows here in the UK please do follow me on social media!

What’s the best and worst thing about been a magician?

The best thing is seeing the smiles and wonder on the faces of the people I perform to. The worst thing is that you can’t switch off! I will see an everyday item and think “Oooo! That would make an interesting trick!”

But as I love magic it’s not really all that bad (just annoying to everyone around me!)

What kind of music do you play during your tricks and shows?

It really depends on what style of trick I am performing. I choose music to complement the atmosphere I am trying to create within a performance. Theatre in a performance is very important to me and I want my audience to feel connected and drawn in to the experience. Music helps me to achieve this.

What’s next for you?

I am always working on new magic and burlesque acts, which I am very excited to share with you all.

In the future I hope to create more TV shows and also perform in a touring stage show! For more updates on my adventures and tomfoolery please follow me on Twitter and Instagram at @JaszVegas !

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By Fabrizio Belluschi ©FAMEMAGAZINE.co.uk