Janet Noh releases ‘Love Me More’ EP: A fusion of classical and contemporary Pop/R&B styles

The EP echoes with empowering messages, particularly through tracks such as 'Playing Dumb' and 'Do What You Want'
29 January 2024

Janet Noh, a new force in NYC’s pop/R&B scene with a classical piano background, captivates with her debut EP release, Love Me More. This EP, comprising five tracks, skillfully blends ’90s and ’00s influences with modern production and classical piano overtones. Throughout, Noh navigates themes of self-love and empowerment, inspired by her own array of personal struggles and growth.

Her path to self-discovery and artistic rebirth began in the wake of a toxic relationship with a manipulative friend and musical partner, which made her question her talents and independence in music creation. Overcoming this adversity, Janet transformed these challenges into a period of personal growth and a resurgence of her musical drive. This led to the creation of the EP’s powerful title track, Love Me More, a song that stands as a testament to her journey and as a source of inspiration for her listeners.

The EP echoes with empowering messages, particularly through tracks such as Playing Dumb and Do What You Want. Breaking away from her detrimental collaboration, Janet took the reins of her music, writing and producing all the songs on the EP, marking a significant step in her artistic evolution.

Janet Noh started as an international award-winning pianist, then taking a detour into Wall Street as an investment banker. Returning to her first love, music, she earned a scholarship for musical theater writing at NYU-Tisch, leading to a Master of Fine Arts and a principal role debut on Broadway.

Believing in music as the universal language of the heart, Janet loves to meld diverse musical elements. She combines the timeless grace of classical music, the storytelling drama of musical theater, and the contemporary flair of pop songwriting and production. This unique blend creates a relatable experience that resonates deeply with listeners.

Residing in New York City, Janet Noh holds a position as a resident songwriting artist at the Lincoln Center Theater, where she continues to carve out her unique niche in the music industry with her distinctive style and artistic vision.