JANET-DEVLIN3NORTHERN Ireland songbird Janet Devlin has revealed she’s never been on a date. And despite her new album containing heart-felt songs about her ex boyfriend Brendan Sally the star admitted the only date she’s been on went terrible wrong.

The 19-year-old flame-haired singer from Gortin, Tyrone released the 10-track record Running With Scissors last week and is already getting rave reviews.

Shockingly Janet has been single since her break up with Brendan in 2012 and even confessed that she’s never been on a date in her life and the one she did get went horribly wrong..

She revealed: “My job is 24 hours a day, I don’t even have enough time for a relationship, it’s a few years I’ve been single now. I’ve never even been on a date in my life. I did try once. I agreed to go on a date with someone but then I got stood up, I’m not even joking, I wish I was but I’m not.”janetdevlin1Janet’s debut album has already received much critical acclaim recently but she says it’s thanks to her break-up with Brendan that one of her favourite songs has made it to the album.

She said: “This album is pretty much the diary of a teenage girl. House of Cards is really upbeat – I love doing this thing where I take really depressing lyrics and put them to a happy melody.

“I wrote the song on the day that I broke up with my ex-boyfriend and it gets more and more impersonal as it goes on. It’s just discussing the breakup and stuff and there’s even a line in it ‘maybe in ten years time you won’t know my name’.JANET DEVLIN2“I wrote it when I was in tears so it’s hard but it’s hidden behind this really chirpy melody. We have two versions of the song, one of them is hard for me because it’s a slowed down version and obviously more emotional but the upbeat version is much more fun because the audience participate in it.”

“You have to lose yourself in it and it doesn’t seem so bad when everyone is clapping along. At the end of the day if the breakup didn’t happen I wouldn’t have this song.”

Having been described by critics as a “folk-driven album full of pop songs and heart touching ballads” the album is said to “showcase Janet’s unique and enchanting vocals”.janetdevlin3As well as Janet’s own original music the album also features a co-write with Newtown Faulkner and a cover of The Cure’s hit song Friday I’m In Love.

Since leaving the X-Factor Janet has worked hard on making her music career work and says she wanted to be sure she was releasing the right material.

She added: “When I was writing this, I travelled up and down the country, and wrote anywhere and everywhere. I carry these journals, old, leather bound books, and if I think of something or a good poem, I’ll write it in there.”JANET DEVLIN1“I go to songwriting sessions and take my books out and look through them. I didn’t want to be one of those people who came off the show and made an album for the sake of making an album. I wanted to write and make an album I would be actually proud of. Do it the way anybody else would. Proper grafting. I’m really proud of this album.”

And Janet says she has her mum to thank for helping her achieve her dream.

“My hero is definitely my mum” said Janet, adding: “She just sacrificed so much for me. She used to take me to singing lessons, music classes, drive me around the country to singing competitions. I definitely wouldn’t be a singer without her. She was even the one who sent my tape to X Factor.”janetdevlin2However, although she’s grateful for the opportunity the X-Factor gave her Janet says she’s had to stand her ground once or twice in the business already and that she’s much happier with her current record company.

She said: “There were times when I’ve had to stand my ground. I remember this one time when we were getting styled for a TV ad and they tried to put me in a pair of hot pants and I said no.

I also remember a step in stylist told me if I dropped ten pounds I’d be this or that. I told her I had no intention of losing ten pounds. But you do come across things like that and it’s ridiculous because it’s not part of my job description. The people I work with now are great, I don’t have to try to be anyone else I can just be myself.”

Janet Devlin’s ‘Running With Scissors’ is out now.


By Tina Calder ©FAMEMAGAZINE.co.uk