Jane N’ The Jungle presents their raw and electrifying alt-rock alchemy in ‘Bed of Roses’

"It's like a beautiful 2,000 piece puzzle that is missing 1 piece, it's almost perfect but has just one cork you can't figure out."
24 August 2023

Picture this: right in the middle of Phoenix, Arizona, childhood pals Jordan White and Brian Dellis set off on a crazy musical adventure. Jane N’ The Jungle started out as a garage rock band, but they have transformed into something truly electrifying!

Animated by alternative rock and grunge roots from the 1990s, Jordan White is the star singer and lead song-writer. With her powerful and yet sweetly enchanting vocals that grab your attention from the get-go.

Brian Dellis, the guitarist and co-songwriter, brings his unique flavor to their sound that keeps things fresh and exciting.

Their new single Bed of Roses, and the aptly lush video takes us on a wild musical adventure, delving into unexplored territories of sound and performance art. The track really amps up the quirkiness factor, giving it a unique and eccentric vibe.

As she puts it, Bed of Roses is like a beautiful 2,000 piece puzzle that is missing 1 piece, it’s almost perfect but has just one cork you can’t figure out.”

Bed of Roses is like a total glow-up moment for her. She’s totally surprised everyone with this amazing new side of herself that no one saw coming. It’s a question of growth and evolution, and it really shows it in this song.

Jordan White herself admits to this artistic journey: “I wanted to amplify a weird campiness with sound and performance art that I haven’t done before.”

Jane N’ The Jungle’s music is steeped in the influential sounds of 90’s alternative rock and grunge, drawing inspiration from the raw intensity and emotive power that defined the era. With their atmospheric sound and powerful aura, the band has carved a distinct niche for themselves, delivering intoxicating releases that leave a lasting impression.

Jordan White, or should we say “Jane,” has a captivating on-stage persona that’s totally mysterious. She manages to strike the perfect balance between being vulnerable yet incredibly strong.

Their newest jam, Bed of Roses, is an absolute banger! It’s the perfect combo of coziness and mind-blowing intricacy.

When everything seems so polished and perfect, Jane N’ The Jungle shines bright with their raw and unfiltered sound.

Jane N’ The Jungle is dedicated to keeping it real, with their electrifying performances, emotionally charged lyrics, and a sound that is rooted in the essence of alternative rock.

Their music has a blurry pixelated charm that will tangle your emotions.