Jan Wagner | Show Your Face And Celebrate Your Existence!

FM Video Premiere

Right before 2018 came to a full fade out, producer / pianist Jan Wagner released a gorgeous LP entitled Nummern. It was a record full of piano etudes embellished by very minimal and tasteful electronica.

I guess you could call it neo-contemporary, but there was way more (or less depending on how you look at it) going on in his music than in most of what was coming out at the time. We wrote about this way back when and even interviewed the man.

And now, while he is getting ready to release remixes of select tracks from said record, Jan decided to revisit one of the originals, the haunting Nummer L, and shot a video to it with friend and director Mikael Schallock.  We are very proud to be able to premiere this gem!Here is what the director had to say about the piece:  

In keeping with the theme for our video for Nummer B, we decided to leave the urban setting and return to the great outdoors for Nummer L. Luckily for us, Berlin has a plethora of lakes to choose from and no matter where you are in the city, there’s probably one nearby. Nummer L has a meditative, almost hypnotic quality. I didn’t want to disturb its subtle evolution with narrative or unnecessary cuts. 

At the beginning of the video, Jan emerges from a pristine lake untainted by societal expectations. The slow motion represents an appreciation for the moment, something we rarely achieve in our day-to-day. Of all the earth’s creatures, we humans are the only ones who spend most of our time mulling over the past and obsessing over the future.

Revealing Jan’s face early on feels counter-intuitive if you’ve seen Nummer B. It’s all about managing expectations. After keeping Jan hidden throughout the first video, the audience could expect this to continue for Nummer L, as well, which would in turn be too predictable for my liking. Jan continues pacing backwards collecting the beautiful blue smoke (our experiences/memories) all-the-while he stays rooted in “the moment”.

My favourite part comes at the end when he gently lifts his head and arms to the sky in celebration of his mere existence.”