SINGER James Morrison is headed for Belfast in May and the star has revealed he will most likely be bringing his new baby girl.
He will play Belfast’s Waterfront Hall on May 29 and told FAME: “I’ve got extra bags under my eyes now that I have a baby but I’m doing alright with it.

“You’ve got to have a balance between the crazy nights that I’m doing on the road and the home life. It’s good to have both different lifestyles to put it all in perspective.
“It’s definitely changed me as a person because she’s changing all the time and so quickly so you miss the little things. But I’ve been at home recently for quite a bit so that was good and I got to watch her change a little bit which was great.
“The family will definitely be coming on tour with me. I just need to suss out which dates. She’s still only six months so I don’t want to be dragging her all the way around the country”.
Tickets for James Morrison at the Waterfront Hall are available on ticketmaster.ie or by calling 0870 243 4455.
By Tina Calder ©FAME INC