‘Winter’ is James Mackenzie’s forthcoming EP, released 3rd August 2015 via Tornface Music. The singer/songwriter from Inverness in the Scottish Highlands, talks to us about failed relationships, his EP’s heartfelt lyrics and sumptuous guitar melodies and…sleeping in a beer cellar after a show.

Hi James, how are you today?

I’m always good!

What’s the story behind your latest EP ’Winter’?

It’s about past failed relationships, dealing with “life” and learning to fight off the things that try and drag you down.

If you could collaborate with anyone, alive or dead, who would it be?

Ryan Tedder. Great songwriter.
James Mackenzie2You’ve been performing solo for 6 years now, what advice would you give any budding musicians out there starting out in the industry?

Get stuck in, don’t be shy. Network and communicate with as many people as you can and have fun.

Any entertaining stories you can share with us from your time on the road?

We once slept in a beer cellar after a show in Brixton – halfway through the night the cleaner tried to get in but lost her key. She clearly thought we were somebody else.

Describe your sound in five words:

Melodic, catchy, heartfelt, engaging, tender.

What’s the music scene like up in Scotland?

The music scene is great up here. Everyone is supportive of each other. Especially in Inverness. We all turn up at each other’s shows.

Where can we catch you live over the next few months?

I’m playing Ironworks (Inverness) on July 31st and Belladrum Festival on August 8th


By Frank Bell ©FAMEMAGAZINE.co.uk