blake rapperJames Blake and Chance The Rapper take a cruise around the English countryside in the amazing video, directed by Nabil, for ‘Life Round Here’.

“I always felt like ‘Life Round Here’ wasn’t finished”, says Blake, explaining how he chopped up the track before Chance, who he had long admired, provided new verses.

JAMES BLJames Blake and Chance the Rapper talk about their mutual admiration and recent collaboration on their fascinatin single ‘Life Round Here’.

The result is a haunting marriage between Blake’s deconstructed electronica and Chance’s peerless flow.

The interview, by You Need To Hear This, a music platform created by Philips and Noisey, takes place behind the scenes of the video for ‘Life Round Here’, the brainchild of director Nabil.

“I love juxtapositions”, Nabil tells You Need to Hear This, “so I thought I’d bring an old school lowrider to the countryside in England.”

Chance, a Chicago native, travelled to the Hertfordshire countryside for the shoot, which combines Somalian pirates, horses, and driving around in the rain… “Only in Nabil’s mind”, says Blake, “I don’t know how he does it.”