Tech-infused wilderness: James Bishop’s electro-folk exploration in his new single ‘More____’

Challenging conventional notions of "folk" music and redefining our understanding of "nature" as a dynamic blend of organic and digital elements
15th December 2023

Embarking on a sonic journey that blurs the lines between nature and technology, singer-songwriter and producer James Bishop introduces his latest single, More____ a captivating glimpse into his groundbreaking debut album, BODYBOUND. This innovative project was meticulously crafted using only his iPhone, capturing the essence of his Pacific Crest Trail expedition.

More____ is a vibrant and anthemic track, seamlessly merging contemporary production techniques, pop sensibilities, and the profound storytelling characteristic of indie folk. The song serves as a microcosm of the album, challenging conventional notions of “folk” music and redefining our understanding of “nature” as a dynamic blend of organic and digital elements.

Bishop made a 1,400-mile hike on the Pacific Crest Trail in 2017 while relying solely on his iPhone.​ Over five months, he recorded the natural symphony of the American West, from birdsongs to thunderstorms. The next five years were dedicated to the meticulous transformation of these field recordings into an epic indie electronic folk delight.

Bishop’s ingenuity shines as he transforms pine cones into drums and creaking gates into orchestral arrangements, achieving a level of audio fidelity and innovation comparable to Bon Iver, all without the use of high-end microphones.

The track opens with ethereal choir vocals, leading into Bishop’s exploration of uncertainty, vulnerability, and the pursuit of “something more than this.” His vocals, ranging from textured and misty to a Yorke-ian cry, articulate the pain, loss, and loneliness inherent in the modern 21st-century hustle culture, a culture he sought refuge from during his nature retreat.

As Bishop delves into existential questions, his music becomes a powerful blend of pulsating rhythms, challenging tones, and haunting melodies. Despite the haunting refrain of “every step is feeling more like death,” there is an underlying sense of hope and resilience, underscored by uplifting major chords that symbolize the paradox at the heart of Bishop’s creation.

Within these intentional contradictions, Bishop paints a compelling portrait of modern existence. More____ encapsulates nature’s essence while defying expectations of what nature sounds like. The single is a glimpse into the larger narrative of the BODYBOUND album, a profound exploration of nature, nurture, technology, and the boundaries that may or may not constrain us.

Immerse yourself in the auditory wilderness of More____ and eagerly await the arrival of the complete BODYBOUND album, slated for release on February 9, 2024, courtesy of KZZ Music—an esteemed production company co-founded by Kirk Pasich, Zackary Darling, and Zachary Ross.