JAMES BILLETT Releases The LGBTQ+ Anthem FAITH OVER FAMILY, In Time For Pride Month

Pride month feels a little different this year. For obvious reasons. It’s not so much time for a party as it is time to (figuratively) hug our queer friends closer and remind each other that this too shall pass. 

In a difficult period such as this one, we might be more in need of the type of quiet strength which James Billett’s new single, Faith Over Family brings about.

There is pain in there too. It’s a song with a strong narrative, telling the tale of a young gay man whose father cannot set aside his fundamentally religious beliefs to accept his son the way he is. This heartbreaking story is tackled with all the respect and sensitivity it demands, calling not spite and hate in to tell the tale, but instead, disappointment and encouragement for the father to change his ways.

Indeed, with the lyric “you can change, you can change, only you can change,” ringing out at the song’s conclusion, it is with a sense of hope we are left with rather than rage. 

James Billett originally began his career as Elton John’s protegee, having been gifted a piano by the legend himself and being told never to stop making music. Several years down the line, Billett decided that now was the time to reemerge, after spending time finding out who he wanted to present himself as, as a person and as an artist. 

In troubled times such as these, the comforting tones of Billett’s vocals and the ultimately hopeful message of this song may even provide more reassurance than the latest dance pop anthem this Pride season.