Jakob The Liar unleashed a hard-hitting tune called ‘Vi@gr@ Falls & Pi$$ Graffiti’

"It is a reminder to my young self; that as a young person you have the whole world in front of you"
27 November 2023

Vi@gr@ Falls & Pi$$ Graffiti is the latest track from Danish-born, London-based artist Jakob the Liar. It’s a hard-hitting alternative rock track, with its’ thematic roots planted in the rocky, uneven soil of the early 2000s, a time when the war in Iraq and the events of September 11th dominated headlines. 

Throughout the track, Jakob’s rough, distorted vocals deliver gut-punching lyrics over the clashing of drums and jagged, rhythmic blues guitar, with an undeniable 90s grunge groove.

The song opens with a stripped-back soundscape, made up of acoustic guitar and drums, the perfect canvas for Jakob to paint a picture with his words; and it’s not quite a pretty picture. Performed almost like a spoken-word piece, his lyrics ring true with the voice of someone who has lived through, and grown up in, some of the most memorable eras of political injustice and social unrest in recent history, and all of the anger, confusion and chaos of these times.  

As we delve deeper into the track, you can hear the influence of some of Jakob’s biggest inspirations, bands like Rage Against The Machine, who he describes as his ‘’first musical true love’’. Combining elements of heavy metal with hip-hop, this track serves as a way to process the metamorphosis that occurs when teenage rebellion starts to clash with adulthood.

‘It is a reminder to my young self; that as a young person you have the whole world in front of you – and therefore every reason to be rebellious, chase dreams, fall in love, form deep friendships, and overcome whatever is holding you back.’’

With lyrics that bring to mind the rebellious nature of some of the rock music that was being made in the 90s and early 2000s, Jakob the Liar’s music delivers a dose of nostalgia with a contemporary perspective, culminating here in a dynamic, thought-provoking piece that’s definitely worth a listen. Check out Vi@gr@ Falls & Pi$$ Graffiti on streaming services today, and keep up with Jakob the Liar on his socials.