St Louis-based collective Jailbox – Andrew Tanz (vocals, keyboards, guitar, bass, percussion), Joseph Bassa (vocals, guitars, percussion) and Aaron Essner (percussion, drums) – have previously supported the likes of Devendra Banhart and Pines, and have had the honour of playing Coachella festival. Having already captivated audiences with their last single ‘Idea Jar’, they’re now set to charm UK listeners with their latest offering.

‘Whole’ is an emotion-strewn slice of soothing indie-pop set to captivate upon first listen. Reminiscent of the likes of Death Cab For Cutie, it flows with delicate melodies alongside luscious harmonies as it sparkles with a heartwarming twinkling fragility. Filled with poignant lyrics and sweeping instrumentation, it’s a truly impassioned and emotionally powerful creation.

‘Whole’ is out now via FarmerTanz Records.