Jah Frida returns with sultry number ‘Hot Skin’ and self-directed music video

Shot and directed by Jah himself, the whole video is played backwards to reveal the plot twist at the end.
16 December 2022

Nashville-based artist Jah Frida has just dropped his latest single Hot Skin, a silky smooth indie RnB track that he says is ‘’meant for the bedroom’’.

Originally from Dallas and now living in Nashville, Jah says that coming from a multicultural household and city has made a huge impact on his musical style and helped influence his eclectic sound.

Taking inspiration from various genres, Hot Skin sees Jah Frida infuse hip-hop, psychedelia and RnB into one particularly piping hot, super smooth concoction. Jah’s intimate vocal performance combines with groovy, sultry basslines and soothing synths, resulting in a hypnotisingly elegant track.

Jah explains the influence behind the track “This song was written about literal and figurative hot skin, it’s meant for the bedroom. Pretty straightforward, nothing deeper other than groove and sexy vibes.”

The song’s music video is available now on YouTube, and it’s an ideal visual accompaniment. Jah shot and directed it himself, and the whole video is played backward to reveal the plot twist at the end; it’s a simple but clever concept that piques your curiosity and hooks you in with ease while also matching the song’s vibe perfectly.