KARATE MAN FINAL FRONT COVERJaguar Skills VS Virus Syndicate present: ‘Karateman’ mixtape.

This massive 18 min. mixtape not only shows off smart boundary-bending turntablists Jaguar Skills and Manchester’s most uncompromising MC crew Virus Syndicate at their best but it also paints a picture perfect scene of where both rap and electronic music are at right now.

Each chapter of ‘Karateman’ pays homage to some of our generation’s biggest legends: Eddie Murphy, Chuck D, Frank Bruno, Bill Cosby and Bruce Lee are all name-checked with the same respect and repertoire as the samples in the tracks themselves.Virus Syndicate1Check out for Virus Syndicate Album “The Swarm” + UK Tour in 2014. This December though you can catch them on their tour of Switzerland and The Alps.

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