JADA IMANI Drops Her Latest Track DIVIDE

By Frank Bell

Up-and-coming RnB artist Jada Imani drops her latest track Divide. With a unique sound and catchy hook, it comes off of her latest EP Jojoba. 

Working with Taylor Aye on the instrumental, Jada has created a thought-provoking and lush feel, with percussion and effects producing a dense, almost tropical texture. The simple instrumentation allows the vocals to sit at the forefront, with haunting dissonance creating an almost hypnotic melody. 

“Divide was born out of conflict,” explains Jada. “When I could not reconcile the social tensions in my life, I turned to making this song as a way to expel the stress from my body and give myself resolve.” 

This need for social movement is at the core of all Jada does, and as a community-centred and charismatic person she portrays this in her music with ease. Now residing in Hawaii she has started a 6-month EP series, beginning with her Saline EP released in November. Her next EP Jojoba features Divide along with two other tracks. With previous EPs Thought U Knew, Blend and Ring Ring!, her music evolves and updates, moving through lo-fi, neo-soul and RnB. 

Continuing with an EP a month is no mean feat for any artist, but if Divide is anything to go by Jada Imani will continue her success into 2021 and beyond.