Jack Wakeman & The Dreamstriders go dark in ‘The Witching Hour’

"Now I must face the night, stop being a coward and even learn to love the witching hour"
9 March 2023

Glasgow’s Jack Wakeman & The Dreamstriders share a taste of their Alt-Indie/ Art Rock offer with their new single The Witching Hour. It sounds like it came straight out of an ’80s b-movie horror flick soundtrack.

The song kicks off with 3 massive beats, signifying 3am – The Witching Hour. In pagan mythology, in the wee hours of the night is when the boundary between our world and others becomes less defined. It’s also usually when strange paranormal stuff happens.

The verses have a heavy, pulsing bass line accompanied by bright and ethereal synth sounds. It really captures the essence of Jack’s style – dark & mysterious but with a glimmer of optimism.

The Witching Hour is all about facing your fears and pushing through the darkness, even if it’s hard. It’s a reminder that you can make it out of tough times, no matter what mental challenges you may be up against. Here’s what Jack Wakeman said about the track:  “I’ve learnt to love myself, and I’ve learnt to love the beast…now I must face the night, stop being a coward and even learn to love the witching hour”

Jack Wakeman, who calls himself a cosmic renaissance man, writes songs about a variety of topics, from having hope in tough times to taking a stand when it counts, as well as looking after mental wellbeing, often with a hint of romance. The Dreamstriders are: Callum Edwards (Drums), Iona Reid (Keyboards/ Vocals), Zak Younger Banks (Acoustic Guitar) and Callum Shanks (Electric Guitar). 

Jack Wakeman & The Dreamstriders will bring their amazing music to cities across the UK with shows in Sheffield, Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow and Edinburgh during their first headlining tour in April.