Following his sell out show at The Spring & Airbrake last October Jack Peñate will return to Northern Ireland to play Mandela Hall in Belfast on March 16th.

So which are the records that formed him? Well, for starters there’s Prince, Todd Rundgren, JJ Cale and Daryl Hall and John Oates. “I like stuff that’s soulful, happy and intelligent – and I don’t like music ironically. I don’t understand that ‘guilty pleasures’ thing. Why should it be guilty?”

Peñate’s newly-trademarked dance styles have also marked him out as a trenchant individualist. For those who’ve missed his electrifying live shows – and he’s done enough of them, touring pretty much non-stop for the past 18 months, though the faint-hearted should watch out for the regular stage invasions during ‘Torn On The Platform’ – or the early black and white footage of ‘Second, Minute or Hour’ live, it’s a kind of rockabilly skank that pitches up into a lurching, Breakfast Club ‘80s kick-out. It’s a cool manoeuvre. “I’ve always been into dancing,” he grins. “Me and the boys at school’d lock n pop in a circle for hours and hours.” And the rockabilly thing? “I listen to a lot of soul and folk and if you speed it up it sounds like rockabilly. I guess I’m egging it on in photos.”

Mandela Hall

Tickets £14.00
Doors 9pm
Tickets available from Katy Daly’s, Virgin & all usual Ticketmaster outlets. Credit card bookings & info: 0870 243 4455 or book online at